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We often hear that the best part of living in a neighborhood is the people. Residents partnered with Home Repairs Services (HRS) and Amplify GR (AGR) to design, build and refine a program-for neighbors, by neighbors-to combat the rising costs of maintaining a home. Neighborhood Strong aims to help neighbors stay in their homes, increase the safety and livability of their homes, and leave a legacy to their families through the homes they love. HRS and AGR are committed to widening pathways to home ownership so that all residents have a greater opportunity to participate in and benefit from community growth. Both organizations welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with neighbors to make sure residents get to choose where they want to live and feel safe because confident homeowners enjoy vibrant communities.

About the Grant

What do you need to feel safe inside of your own home? Is it time for a new roof? Do you need a furnace to keep you warm when winter returns? Neighborhood Strong, a home repair grant program, allows eligible homeowners to apply for funds up to a total of $8,000 including a 15% copayment to make improvements inside and outside of your home. Let’s say you need $1,000 to replace and install a water heater. If you are approved for this amount, you would contribute 15% of the total, or $150 as a copayment. You can pay this amount in a maximum of 12 monthly installments which in this case is $12.50 per month. Neighborhood Strong will provide the additional $850 for your repair. This amount is a grant funded by Amplify GR, it does not have to be repaid and will not place a lien on your home. A housing specialist is available to help you navigate the sometimes-complicated forms and applications required to access funding. The specialist may be able to help you access other repair resources as well, including City of Grand Rapids Housing Rehabilitation Programs and the Neighborhood Impact Program (NIP).

How to Qualify

1. Live in area bordered by Burton, Hall, Division, Kalamazoo and Fuller.
2. Own your own home.
3. Have a repair that impacts the livability of your home.
4. Meet the income restriction of 100% AMI or less. Using the chart below this means that a family of four making $69,900 or less can apply.

Household Size Income Limit
1 $49,000
2 $56,000
3 $63,000
4 $69,900
5 $75,500
6 $81,000
7 $86,700
8 $92,300
9 $97,892
10 $103,484

5. Please note based on individual situations additional steps or documentation may be required.
To Learn More contact Deb Armstrong, your neighbor and housing specialist, at 616-241-2601 or